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Hosting supper clubs in Bristol & beyond and bringing people together by creating culinary experiences is an absolute passion. We continuously curate new menu concepts and events and there is something magical about gathering around a table, sharing a meal, and connecting with others through the universal language of food. By creating menus that showcase fresh, locally sourced ingredients, we aim to create a memorable dining experience that celebrates the richness and diversity of our natural surroundings.

Gut Health Workshop Day

Next up is the Gut Health Workshop Day hosted alongside the nutritionist Dr Alice Mayor. Join us for a fun and informative day dedicated to all things gut health. Come for a day of learning, cooking and connection in a beautiful

Friday May 3rd – 10am-4pm
Tickets – £90

Location – Just Wild Barn

Top Picture – Just Wild Barn

Good For The Gut Supper Club A.P. Chef x Better Food x Bath Culture House

Fri, 17 May 7pm-10pm @ Better Food St Werburgh. Tickerts -£35

Have you ever wondered what it’s like dining out on food that boosts your overall health?

A.P. Chef and Better Food are collaborating for the second time with this Good For the Gut Super Club, bringing you inspiring ideas on how to incorporate Bath Culture House ferments into your cooking and diet.
Ali Pumfrey and her team intertwines the bold, punchy flavours of the ferments into this menu. Rather than overpowering the palate, these ferments are masterfully integrated to complement each dish, enhancing its depth and complexity. Whether used as a garnish, paired with eggs, incorporated into salads, blended into sauces, or even featured as a fruity accent, the versatility of The Bath Culture House ferments will hopefully inspire and showcase the inventive ways to incorporate fermented foods into cooking.

The menu is a culinary voyage inspired by flavours from around the world, meticulously crafted with a fusion of global tastes. However, at the heart of our culinary creations lies a commitment to supporting local producers and farmers. Through our partnership with Better Food, we guarantee that every dish is crafted using the very best ingredients available, providing a dining experience that celebrates both global diversity and local sustainability.

Below Picture – Just Wild Barn

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