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Ali Pumfrey is a food educator, recipe developer, and chef, specializing in creating nourishing menus for wellbeing retreats, private, and corporate events, as well as recipe development for brands that share her values. With over seven years of experience running her catering business across the Southwest, A.P. Chef, Ali’s culinary philosophy revolves around celebrating seasonal, exceptional produce, crafting inventive dishes that showcase the flavours of the environment. Trained at Leith’s, with roots in esteemed London kitchens such as Andrew Edmunds, River Café, and Padella, Ali brings a wealth of experience to her vibrant, veg-centric creations. Her commitment to nutritionally focused menus is evident through her completion of a CDP and Afn certified diploma in nutrition, reflected in her sourcing of ingredients and cooking methods.

Beyond her culinary pursuits, Ali Pumfrey is a versatile professional, as well as being the Marketing Chef for Yeo Valley, she collaborates with brands like Vogue Magazine, The Wedding Shop, The Cornish Fishmonger, and Seed and Bean Chocolate, aligning with her values. She not only crafts exclusive recipes but also conducts cookery demonstrations for various platforms. A passionate community builder, Ali orchestrates events ranging from supper clubs to large-scale retreats and corporate gatherings, driven by her love for bringing people together through the shared enjoyment of food.

Ali Pumfrey’s commitment extends beyond the kitchen; she’s a fervent advocate for regenerative farming practices. Collaborating with producers prioritizing harmony with nature, Ali ensures every plate from A.P. Chef not only delivers superior nutrition but also contributes to biodiversity and soil health.

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What locations does A.P. Chef Cover &
What Services Do we Offer?

A.P. Chef is Bristol based however works across the Southwest, including London and Cornwall. Select the links below to find out more about the type of work we do in the different locations.


A.P. Chef creates bespoke menus for the private dining experiences catering to specific dietary needs. We are based in Bristol however, also cover Cornwall, London and the South West.  A.P. Chef loves bringing people together through food. We do this by creating tailor made events including retreats, supper clubs, weddings and special occasion celebrations. A.P. Chef also collaborates with food brands and suppliers to create exclusive recipes for their platforms.

What is A.P. Chef’s Style Of Cooking? 

Nourishing food with maximum flavour that is good for the body and the environment with sustainable choices from farm to plate. Ali’s cooking is about celebrating seasonal and exceptional produce and creating inventive dishes that soak up the flavours of the environment. Food is fuel and the cooking is always vibrant and veg-centric that explodes with flavour.

The A.P. Chef Approach & Bespoke Menu Planning 

A.P. Chef creates well balanced menus with a focus on nutrition and gut health by incorporating many different varieties of plants and some ferments onto the menu. A.P. Chef works and cooks with the seasons and the range of dishes are adapted as different fruit and vegetables blossom into season. Locally sourced meat and fish are used to compliment these vibrant vegetables.

A.P. Chef’s Suppliers

Striving for a positive food cycle that minimises food waste and air miles by inventive cooking techniques and sourcing ingredients from local farmers and fishermen is what A.P. Chef is all about.

When working in Bristol, for all things vegetables, Community Farm, a nature-friendly organic farm, is our main supplier. We work with Meatbox Bristol, souring the meat from organic farms in Chew Valley. The native British cattle breed are grass fed on lush pasture, the pork is a traditional saddleback breed and the outdoor reared lambs require little intervention all producing amazing tasting meat. Fish is soured from Bristol fish, who sells the best dayboat catches from the South Coast. We also use sustainable tinned fish suppliers such as Fish4ever.

When working further afield, for example in London and Cornwall, we always work with the most local suppliers. Our favourite Cornish fish supplier is the Cornish Fishmonger.

Beautifully Presented Food

A.P. Chef visually maps out a dish as well as creating the recipe as it is important that food feeds into all sensory receptors, which in doing so, feeds the soul.

“Nothing gives me more joy than hearing the buzz in a room once my food has been served and people are enjoying the sensation from their taste buds”

Ali Pumfrey Chef

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